Your Super Baker Flash Solutions

Your Super Baker Flash Solutions

Regardless of their level of expertise, all bakers know that baking is both an art form and a science. In other words, there are a few rules in baking that should never be broken, and then there are few that leave room for a creative wiggle.

The best way to know whether you’re dealing with a rule or a guideline is to arm yourself with a bit of Super Baker savvy. Check out these 12 essential Super Baker Flash Solutions for substitutions and shortcuts perfect to keep around your kitchen.


Have you ever come across a great recipe, but lost interest in making it because the ingredients are measured in a funny way? Forget that baking FOMO and keep these handy conversion chats stuck up on your kitchen wall for fearless and faultless reference as you bake.



Recipes often call for that one ingredient we totally forgot about at the grocery store. In a lot of cases, pretty much nothing else will do, but then there are the exceptions where clever bakers can get creative and use a substitute.

Besides their convenience, baking substitutions are great for dodging allergens, and for replacing an expensive ingredient for one that is more budget friendly. Stick these smart substitute cards on the inside of your grocery cupboard so you can easily find them in the midst of a forgotten-ingredient panic attack.

DIY ingredients

Okay, so not all ingredients have substitutes, but we seriously don’t enjoy that second trip to the grocery store. Luckily a lot of specialised baking ingredients can be made with goodies we already have in the pantry. Best of all, using ingredients to make other ingredients saves money and shelf space, so you can give yourself props for being an eco-baker.

Keep these recipe cards in your baking file for easy reference, and don’t forget to use them for intimidating other bakers. “Oh, you buy commercial baking powder. That’s fine, but I prefer my ingredients to be home-made.”



Side note: A lot of Super Bakers might know confectioners sugar as icing sugar or powdered sugar.


If you like our Super Baker Flash Solutions, why not print out your own collection of Super Baker Flashcards to stick up in your kitchen, pantry or anywhere else you please. Get your kitchen scissors ready and click below to download the entire library.

CLICK HERE to download your Super Baker Flashcards

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