Join the all-fun no-mess CAB Foods Cookie Revolution

Join the all-fun no-mess CAB Foods Cookie Revolution

When it comes to keeping kids entertained, the kitchen is a failsafe haven of creative play and colourful fun. In fact, CAB Foods was born from combining playtime with baking when the Lahoud kids visited their grandmother and learned all about baking cookies and licking out the bowl, so we should know.

For today’s kids baking cookies still involves learning, getting wonderfully sticky, and feasting on the delicious products afterward. At CAB Foods we’ve made baking cookies even more desirable for the little ones and their parents by doing all the difficult bits for you. No need to prepare batters, measure out ingredients or even roll your dough. Our Ready-to-Cut, Press, Peel and Bake cookie dough is good to go!



Crazy cookie fun

Baking cookies offers imaginative fun for the little ones as it involves choosing the cookie cutters and toppings they like best, as well as an uncomplicated baking process. With CAB Foods Ready-to-Cut Cookie Dough the fun begins immediately because the ready rolled sheets of delicious cookie dough come pre-prepared on a plastic sheet for your convenience. No need to roll out dough or dust a surface with messy flour.



The protective plastic sheets allow kids to transfer their dough directly onto a table or counter, go to town with their cookie cutters, and transfer their cookies directly onto a baking sheet, ready to bake at 1800C for only five minutes.

Clean-up is such a breeze, you’ll be done before the cookies come out the oven.


Time to get colourful

With a super quick baking and cooling time, CAB Foods Ready-to-Cut Cookie Dough allows the kids to bake delicious, flop-free cookies in only a few minutes. This leaves ample time for fun with decorations. We recommend getting creative with CAB Foods Royal Icing Premixes as well our super popular range of Ready-Made Icings Premixes the little ones can simply spoon onto their cookies.

To finish off, check out our range of sweets, candies and sprinkles ideal for adding flair to your little chef’s creations.



CAB Foods Ready-to-Cut Cookie dough is available at all CAB Foods stores at a super affordable price. Pop a box or two in the freezer to keep the little ones occupied on a rainy day, or stock up for a fun activity to make their next birthday party unforgettable.

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