Feeding the soul with chocolate cake

Feeding the soul with chocolate cake

Is it the ingredients mixed to a perfect blend?

The smell emanating from the oven just before its ready?

Or is it the moist sponge that melts in your mouth as you take your first bite?

Actually, everything about a home-baked cake is what adds to the experience of pure bliss.

We can all pretty much agree that cake is a fantastic thing, but the honour of cake among cakes, the title of the ultimate baked treat, must surely go to the tried and tested chocolate cake. Although it is difficult to imagine a time without chocolate cake, this bitter-sweet treat has a fairly recent history.


A brief history of Chocolate cake

Until the mid-1800s, chocolate was primarily a beverage so expensive that only the super affluent could afford it. However, several inventive chocolate lovers saw the mass appeal of this exclusive treat and endeavoured to develop it into an inexpensive product available to a wider market. In 1828 Conrad Van Houten of the Netherlands developed a mechanical extraction method for taking away the fat from cocoa liquor resulting in cocoa butter and de-fatted cocoa. The resulting dehydrated and compacted mass could be sold as “rock cocoa” or ground into cocoa powder. The processes revolutionised chocolate from a luxury item into an affordable daily snack.

In 1879 Rudolf Lindt took the potential of chocolate even further when he pioneered a process called conching. This technique produced a smoother and silkier chocolate ideal for baking. The legendary Mr. Lindt’s invention led to the concept of “chocolate cakes” changing from white or yellow cakes to be eaten whilst sipping a chocolate beverage, into the gorgeous baked wonders we now enjoy today.


Chocolate is still the world’s preferred sweet treat with roughly 30 million tons of raw cacao consumed as confectionery per annum. You might worry about how healthy this is, and with good reason considering that most chocolate and chocolate-related bakes have a high fat and sugar content, but there are considerable health benefits to tucking into a nice slice of chocolate cake.

Chocolate is brain food


A study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease in 2016 showed that weekly consumption of a chocolate treat might have lowered the risk of cognitive decline in subjects older than 65. In addition, eating chocolate with a high cocoa content has been proven to aid cardiovascular and coronary health due to the high concentration of phytonutrients found in cocoa beans. But besides benefitting the health of one’s heart, eating chocolate in moderation leads to a generally happier you.


Chocolate = love… literally

All forms of chocolate, but pure cocoa in particular, can affect your mood in significant ways. A key chemical in cocoa stimulates the brain’s level of naturally occurring endorphins and increases the production of serotonin – which, to put it bluntly, makes you feel great. Scientists have identified the same brain activity in patients when eating chocolate compared to when they are greeted by their romantic partner. In short, we can simulate love with chocolate cake, which is powerful knowledge to anyone keen on impressing a partner, mending a relationship or keen on making a positive impression.


Not sure how to bake a perfectly decadent chocolate cake? 

Take a look at this easy to follow tutorial to get started.


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