Easy peasy Easter treats

Easy peasy Easter treats

Easter weekend is just around the corner, and one thing is certain, we all have a lot of festive eating to do. We are sure each family has their own favourite Easter weekend treats and traditions that they love to enjoy together, including you.  The Lahoud family, for example, whip up a scrumptious carrot cake before heading to their Easter celebrations so that there is something sweet waiting for them when they get home.

In keeping with this family tradition, we are of the opinion that Easter bakes should be delicious, easy to make and hassle-free, as this is time to spend laughing and catching up with loved ones, not slaving away in the kitchen.

Try these super easy recipes for fabulous treats you can literally whip up in minutes with or without help from your little ones.


Mini spice bundt cakes

If you’re a big fan of small bakes and individual goodies, try baking these spicy little treats in mini bundt pans, or use a doughnut pan for seriously pint-sized bundts.

What you’ll need

1 packet of ready-to-bake CAB Foods Easter Spice Muffin Mix

250 g of white chocolate discs

Chai Flavour Nation flavouring

CAB Foods Pastel Sprinkles

To prepare:

Fill the holes of a greased doughnut pan about ¾ with your Easter Spice Muffin batter, piping directly from the bag, and bake according to the instructions on the packet.


Once your mini cakes have cooled down, melt the white chocolate in the microwave, stirring every 20 seconds. Once your chocolate has melted completely, add a few drops of chai flavouring according to taste and stir.  Liberally spoon the melted chocolate over your cakes, jazz them up with sprinkles, and pop them in the fridge for about ten minutes to set.


Easter candy popcorn

Sometimes the best sweet treats are just a little bit salty, this light yet decadent popcorn snack is perfect for the kiddies or as a family movie night treat. Best to make it in decent quantities, because this snack is best eaten by the fistful.

What you’ll need:

1/2 cup of popcorn seeds

3 tablespoons of butter

3 cups of Mini Marshmallows or regular size marshmallows cut into quarters

½ cup white chocolate disks

100g of Mr. Sweet Speckled Eggs

CAB Foods Rainbow Hundreds and Thousands

Salt to taste

To prepare:

Pop your popcorn seeds in a popcorn maker or a large pot on high heat with just enough cooking oil to cover the base. Once popped, generously salt your popcorn and measure out 8 cups in a large mixing bowl.

Melt the butter in a pan over medium heat and add your marshmallows. Stir the mixture until the last marshmallow has melted and pour over your popcorn. Mix until all the popcorn is coated in marshmallow mixture. Tip the popcorn mixture out onto a baking tray and press down with a spatula.


Melt your white chocolate in the microwave, stopping every 20 seconds to stir. Dribble the melted chocolate over your popcorn and sprinkle with speckled eggs and hundreds and thousands.

Allow your candy popcorn to set in the fridge for about 10 minutes and break it chucks for serving.


Scrumptious Secret Carrot Muffins

These little treats are great for entertaining the little ones. Bite your muffin in half to find where the Easter bunny hides his carrot.

What you’ll need:

1 packet of ready-to-bake CAB Foods Carrot Muffin Premix

A 350g packet of ready-to-pipe CAB Foods Cream Cheese Icing

Electric Orange Barco colour gel

Electric Green Barco colour gel

#5 Large writer piping nozzle

#67 Small Leaf piping nozzle

Piping bags

To prepare:

Pipe the muffin batter straight from the packet into a greased muffin pan so that each hole is about halfway full, and bake according to the instructions on the packet.

While your muffins cool, give the cream cheese icing a good stir with a palette knife and spoon one-third of it over into a separate bowl. Add a few drops of green colour gel to this third and a few drops of orange colour gel to the other two thirds. Mix well so that your colours are evenly spread through the icing.

Once your muffins have cooled, use your #5 large writer piping nozzle to push a hole into the top of each muffin. If you have a cream horn mould, or anything else relatively sharp and conical, you could also use this instead.

Prepare a piping bag with your orange icing and #5 large writer piping nozzle. To pipe the carrot, insert the tip of your nozzle as deep as possible into the hole you’ve created and lift as you pipe to fill the hole completely. You can pipe a little swirl once you reach the top of the muffin to create the “above ground” hump of each carrot. Now prepare another piping bag with your #67 small leaf piping nozzle and green icing to add a little green sprig on the end of each carrot.


Pop your muffins in the fridge for about 20 minutes before serving so the icing can be ever so slightly set, and enjoy with a cup of well-deserved coffee.

Easter may be a favourite time for baking, but at CAB Foods we make a point of remaining your leading source of baking, catering and party goodies at super affordable prices all year round. Visit any of our five stores or shop online to stock up on everything you’ll need to make this Easter a super delicious family feast.

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  1. How do I substitute sugar with Zylitol in baking recipes? Specialy large quantities eg. Baking rusks ?

    • Hi Lucy. You can substitute sugar with xylitol on a 1:1 basis, but bear in mind the tastes differ slightly, so you might want to adjust your recipe for your own sweetness preference.

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